Since 1976, Ban-A-Bug Pest Control has been servicing residential and commercial customers in Charlotte County, FL communities. We specialize in controlling all types of insects and termites. We provide your home or business with quality service at affordable prices. Our expert specialists have years of experience in evaluating, treating, and eliminating your pest problem, and preventing recurrences. 

We use various safe methods for pest control in your home or lawn. Our treatments may include trenching and treating, drilling and treating, or baiting. Whatever process we use, you can be assured that it will be the one most beneficial for your situation.

Our services include:

❖ Once a Year Pest Control 

 Every Other Month Pest Control


❖ Every Three Months Pest Control

❖ One Time Service

❖ T.L.C. Program

❖ Insecticide

❖ Fertilization

❖ Weed Control

❖ Lawn Spray

❖ Termite Control

❖ Shrub Spray

❖ Bed Bug Treatment

In addition to pest control, we also offer our T.L.C. Program for lawn care. We will service your lawn and apply what is needed to give it a healthy, lush look. We can use insecticide, liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer, weed control, fungus control, and other products to keep it looking its best.

We are licensed and insured, and service is warranted. We offer commercial accounts and service contracts for our business customers. We are available for emergency and same day services. We offer free service calls.

Schedule your appointment today and rid yourself of those pesky insects. Call today and receive 10% off any initial service, and ask about our free, no obligation termite evaluation.

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